Client Comments

"Our management group was pleased with the results of our Administrative Services Guide. We went from a collection of endless paper to a succinct way to access vital information. Five years later, we still have the information with little edits on our Intranet."
-- Ahsan Hafeez, Senior Vice President, Administrative Services

Drake Resource Group, Inc.
"Paulette has been a great help in our organization for banking related projects. Her deep knowledge and expertise fit a unique role for one particular client's financial service expansion. I'm grateful for her assistance in leading that client through their initial start up phase, typically a confusing and uncertain phase in any project.

Yet, Paulette was able step right in and assist the client in creating their training plan, filling in knowledge gaps on their end and leading them through a difficult training development process." -- Sue Drake, President

Fujifilm, Inc.
"Our sales group greatly enjoyed learning the financial concepts and practical ideas presented in the workshops customized by MarketComm Consultants. It gave them critical insights into their new approach to the selling process." -- Leah Smith, Training Manager

Lang Property Management
"We benefited greatly by utilizing DiSC® Indra™ within our organization. The information in the reports helped each of us understand our strengths within our team. During the workshop we were able to discover how we could better interact with each other to become more effective. As the owner, I found this information invaluable in managing staff relative to work processes." -- Janet Lang, President, Lang Property Management & Consulting, Inc

Liberty Federal Bank
"MarketComm Consultants experience and expertise are a wonderful resource to utilize in today's lean-staffed business environment. I could not have accomplished a complete product line re-design and re-pricing without their counsel, hours of research and well-thought recommendations. The new product line was competitive in the market, appealed to consumers and improved contributions to the bottom line!"
-- Jean Krusinski, Senior Vice President, Marketing

Molex, Inc.
"We introduced DiSC into our organization in 1999 and currently utilize the program within the United States and Europe. The flexibility of the assessment transcends cultures. DiSC allows us to effectively communicate throughout many aspects of the organization."

MarketComm Consultants suggested using DiSC and continue to listen to our needs and offer solutions. They provide outstanding service that continuously meets or exceeds our expectations."
-- Jennifer Smith, Corporate Product Trainer

Neumann Homes, Inc.
"Partnering with MarketComm Consultants, LLC is one of our best decisions! We earned the rank of 34 of the 2002 Training Top 100. They assisted us in the areas of Facilitation, Custom Instructional Design and Course Development, and supplied us with select materials from Inscape Publishers, Inc. We trust our partner, MarketComm Consultants, to understand our business and to support our goals and philosophy of business."
-- Dr. Gerry Post, Vice President of Organizational Development

"MarketComm Consultants were very attentive to our needs while developing the customized Finance for Sales Professionals Workshop for us. Attendees felt the workshop met their objectives and that the information presented helped prepare them to close more sales."
-- Nancy A. B. Gilpin, Sales Training Administrator

TransUnion, LLC
"MarketComm Consultants worked with our human resources team to help us understand our preferred work styles using the DiSC model. This program helped facilitate communication within the team and participants expressed that they are able to achieve faster win-win results working with our internal customers." -- Eva Erskine, PHR, Manager, Human Resources

U.S. Department of Energy
"MarketComm Consultants facilitated a workshop for our Human Resources Team. We had just completed a transition within our department and desired a way to improve communications in our work groups. Using DiSC as a non-threatening model, they assisted our team to understand how individual styles impact work performance. Various activities allowed us to grow as a group.

Shortly after the workshop, they provided custom reports for each team and team member that identified each person's strongest dimensions. We utilize these to reinforce the key concepts we learned during the workshop." -- Regenia Griswold, Training Officer